Delta Economic Advisors

Delta Economic Advisors offers high quality and comprehensible calculation of economic losses (legal damages) for New Jersey and New York litigation attorneys. Our founder, David Gouiran, is a graduate of New York Law School, Columbia Business School (MBA) and New York University-Stern School of Business (BS), with concentrations in finance and economics and has over 15 years of relevant experience in the global investment, banking and financial services arena. Our firm can promptly deliver expert analysis and calculation of economic damages, reports and testimony in personal injury, wrongful death, wrongful termination and commercial litigation. We provide substantial value to plaintiff’s attorneys, putting a number to real economic losses beyond those traditionally recovered for medical costs and simple calculations of lost wages. We can also offer reports of Economic Loss (and present value) and expert testimony as to Medical Cost Projections, Life Care Plans, complex calculations of lost past and future earnings, benefits and pension, loss of household services and companionship.

David Gouiran MBA, JD